Will Windows 10 Work on Your Computer?

There are plenty of articles online that cover the differences—pros and cons—of upgrading to Windows 10. But the question remains: will the upgrade to Windows 10 work correctly on your particular computer?

In general we have seen fewer and fewer computers that have stopped working after upgrading to Windows 10. We believe this trend is due to several factors, the most important one being that hardware manufacturers have had time to update component drivers so that Windows 10 works smoothly on more and more of their machines.

However, it’s still the case that some computers will not run well (or at all) with Windows 10. Before performing the upgrade, look for information on your computer to see if the manufacturer has approved it for Windows 10 and be sure to check the fine print! It’s also wise to search for online discussions about the success or failure of Windows 10 on your specific model.

If there are problems after installing Windows 10, you can roll back to your previous version of Windows within 30 days. After that, returning to your previous version can be done but requires a fresh install of Windows.