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Computer Repair Services

West Seattle Computers offers a full range of system repair, data recovery, malware removal, software installation and configuration, help desk, and IT services for both residential and business clients. We work with all types of Apple™ and Windows™ laptops and desktops.

Restorative Computer Repair & Maintenance
Slow response, popups, files that don’t download properly, and error messages are all signs of computer problems. West Seattle Computers performs repair and maintenance that fix the issues affecting your computer. Installing an operating system, upgrading the hard drive to a solid state disk (SSD), transferring data to another machine, configuring drivers, and setting up your email are just a few of the software-related services we provide.

Hardware Repairs
We can help evaluate hardware issues and provide guidance on the most sensible course of action. While we no longer fix hardware issues such as finicky power jacks, broken screens, and liquid spills, we still address anything related to data storage, including hard drive or solid state disk replacement.

Repair Services

  • Operating System Repair and Tuning 
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Software Installation
  • Remove Unnecessary OEM Apps
  • Operating System Installation

We are experienced with Windows, MacOS, and most Linux operating systems (including NAS devices).