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HIPAA Compliance for Small Healthcare Practices

With fines up to $50,000 per record, compliance with HIPAA requirements has become a real concern for all healthcare practitioners. Large companies can afford to hire consultants and entire departments to manage their IT security and HIPAA compliance needs. But what is a smaller practice or sole practitioner to do?

Let West Seattle Computers assist with your HIPAA compliance efforts. We specialize in helping small practices with less than ten staff. Available services are designed to address the full range of HIPAA technical requirements that all healthcare practices must satisfy including:

  • hard drive encryption
  • automatic lock after five minutes of non-use
  • encrypted back up
  • monitored anti-virus/anti-malware and reporting as required by HIPAA
  • on-site secure network set up and configuration
  • purchased or leased firewall with HIPAA-required logging capabilities, intrusion detection, and intrustion prevention.
  • periodic network security log reviews as required by HIPAA.
  • secure 24×7 remote monitoring and management services for monitoring critical functions inlcuding computer health, anti-virus/anti-malware activity, backup, and patch management status

HIPAA regulations can be confusing and difficult. West Seattle Computers partners with you to understand requirements and implement solutions that are affordable and appropriately-sized for your practice. Initial assessment and consultation are free, so it’s easy to get started. Call West Seattle Computers today to start down the path of security, compliance and peace of mind.