Gadgets for the Home are Vulnerable

Take care before using that cool, new, Internet-connected gadget. Internet connected devices such as webcams, thermostats, home appliances, home automation systems, and much more, are known as “the Internet of Things” or IoT and these devices are susceptible to malware. Your privacy and safety may be at stake!

The same camera that allows you to see inside your home remotely and view your pets may also allow a stranger to spy on you. While devices have different physical appearances and features, many are based on common hardware components and software that are easily targeted by hackers, ne’er-do-wells, and even your neighbors.

Some words to the wise:

  • Research device security as well as its functionality
  • Look for reviews and information about the device from sources beyond the manufacturer
  • Always change the administrative login account from the default
  • Follow the manufacturer’s set up instructions
  • Ensure your router is correctly configured and secured

This article describes the vulnerabilities and dangers inherent in the Internet of Things:
IoT Botnets: There Will Be Pwnage

Yes, THIS APPLIES TO YOU! Your home and business networks are under constant attack; automated scripts from all over the globe probe for vulnerabilities and look for devices that are exposed to the Internet, including cameras and home automation systems.