Be Very Careful About Who You Call for Tech Support

When you need help with your personal technology, who do you turn to? Many people want to go straight to the source, like calling the Toyota dealership when the Camry makes a strange noise. In the tech world, this can be dangerous.

Take the example of a forgotten password for a Yahoo email account. Yahoo offers various ways for a user to recover a password online, but usually this requires some advance set up. If none of the self-help methods works, the next step is often a quick Google search for “Yahoo telephone support.” This is where things can get very dicey.

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of results come back for Yahoo telephone support. The problem is: none of them is actually Yahoo. Yahoo does not provide telephone support, which they explain clearly on their own website: If you see a Yahoo customer service number posted online, it isn’t Yahoo support

While it is possible to get excellent support by telephone and/or remote desktop, it is not advisable to work with a provider that advertises its services deceptively. Be aware that this type of switcheroo is all too common on the web. Take care and know exactly who you are dealing with when you call for tech support.