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SSD: Upgrade for Speed!

The solid state disk, known as an SSD, may be the single greatest performance improvement for computers in the last decade. The technology has been around for years but the prices were generally too high for mass adoption. That is no longer the case. SSDs still cost more per gigabyte than the traditional hard drives they replace;…

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Postponing Windows 10 Upgrade

While many computers have been upgraded to Windows 10, we continue to see a disturbingly high failure rate, mainly stemming from driver and other software incompatibility. Playing it safe and postponing the upgrade can be difficult, though, due to the aggressive way in which Windows 10 is being pushed. GWX Control Panel to the rescue!…

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Backups Made Easy

Helping clients with technology has reinforced the ever-increasing importance of data in our everyday lives. Data certainly means documents, spreadsheets and QuickBooks information; but it also encompasses family photos, videos of our children, grandma’s recipes, and that music collection that was acquired and curated over many years. Both types of data—business and personal—are precious, expensive…

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