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IT Managed Services

What If…

…your email won’t open?
…your computer won’t boot up and you have clients waiting?
…a virus turns all your client records into gobbledygook?
…a hard drive failure causes your QuickBooks data to disappear?

Digital resources are fragile and there’s never a good time for a disaster. What’s the answer?

IT Managed Services

Managed Services for Small Business help prevent problems, protect from malicious software, and prepare in case there’s a serious issue. Getting started is easy! We install small background applications on your computer that facilitate health monitoring, backup, managed anti-virus, and patch management.

The service begins protecting you immediately with automated backup and managed anti-virus. From then on, our 24 x 7 computer health monitoring will alert us to warning signs such as hard disk issues, overheating events, critical system errors, backup status, anti-virus activity, security vulnerabilities, important updates, and much more.

Often we can resolve minor issues remotely without any inconvenience or additional cost to you. But if there’s ever a more serious concern, we will notify you and help plan a resolution that minimizes disruption and downtime.


As a small business, you know that time is precious and in short-supply. If computers and networking are not your business, then let the experts take care of your technology needs. Think of us as your IT department. We work hard to keep your systems running smoothly so that you can keep focused on your business.


If you can afford a monthly movie-streaming service, then you can afford managed services for small business from West Seattle Computers. Have a technology question? Call us! There is no charge for answering routine questions. Rates depend on the combination of services chosen and typically cost about $30-$40 per computer.

No Long Term Requirement

We offer straight-forward, monthly pricing. There is no long-term contract to sign and you may cancel the service at any time simply by letting us know.


Q: Do you see which webpages I visit?
A: No, we monitor machine health, not user activity.

Q: What if my computer is stolen or lost?
A: We can help restore your data quickly to a new computer.

Q: Why is this backup service special?
A: The backup service is an enterprise-class product with practically unlimited storage. Data is strongly encrypted before leaving your machine and the transmission itself is also secure. The service includes versioning, an important feature for protection from ransomware and file corruption.

Q: Why is health monitoring important?
A: Remote computer monitoring and management help avoid unexpected computer outages and data loss. We also monitor the anti-virus and backup services to ensure they continue working optimally.