Protect Against Identity Theft

I personally got a first-hand taste of identity theft a few weeks ago. Someone in Alabama started opening credit card accounts in my name. In a couple cases, the credit was granted instantly and the individual made off with thousands of dollars in goods. Fortunately, I was using, Identity Guard, a security service that alerted me quickly to the issue and helped prevent a catastrophe. [Yes, this is a shameless plug, but when something works, it works.]

The first indication of a problem was a call from Nordstrom on Friday that there had been a suspicious attempt to use my credit card in one of their stores. Over the weekend, I received numerous alerts through the Identity Guard iPhone app notifying me about various credit events. I called Identity Guard first thing Monday morning and they patiently took me through the steps needed. They also mailed out a follow up kit.

It took about three hours calling banks and filling out forms online. This was an inconvenience but it could have been so much worse. Without the early warning provided by Identity Guard, it probably would have taken weeks for me to find out that anything was wrong. In that time, the number of accounts opened and subsequent work to do to shut down bogus accounts might have increased by 20 times or more. Additionally, I did not need to spend time figuring out what to do; Identity Guard simply gave me the recipe.

After my experience, I wanted to let all our clients know identity theft can happen to you! I also wanted to make Identity Guard available at a discount. You’ll get a 30 day free trial and then 15% off the regular price when you sign up using the following link: Sign up for Identity Guard today

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